Garage gallery

The Garage Gallery project is an independent space designed for the presentation of contemporary art. The project creates a background for contemporary communication between creators and the public and supports various forms of approaches and expressions. The complex consists of gallery spaces, studios represented by contemporary artists and residential studios, established as part of regular residential internships. As part of the curatorial program, the KuKu group has been operating in the gallery since January 2019.


The KuKu team is an independent curatorial platform of artists Tomáš Kurečka and Natálie Kubíková. With its current approach, it responds to current stimuli and creates an empathic discourse between the artist and the curator. Together, it opens up issues of cooperation and care in institutions and gallery spaces and appeals to innovative expressions in gallery operations. The team is particularly opposed to a clear interpretation of the visual language and encourages the creation of an open space that aims to sensitively explore the nooks and crannies of exhibition and artistic activity.