Galerie Miroslava Kubíka

As part of Smetana's artistic Litomyšl, exhibitions have been held regularly since 2005 in the premises of the 1st floor of house no. 71 on Smetana Square. The long-term exhibition activity finally resulted in September 2011 with the official opening of the Miroslav Kubík Gallery, which wants to fulfill its purpose not only once, but also throughout the year.

In the autumn of 2010, the great Litomyšl native, the painter Bohdan Kopecký, died. The Miroslav Kubík Gallery has prepared the exhibition Birth of a Fauna - Bohdan Kopecký as a tribute to this artist. The Miroslav Kubík Gallery was also officially opened with this exhibition, which presented the key periods of the author's life's work. In its name, the gallery commemorates the memory of the founder of the family company Kubík a.s., Mr. Miroslav Kubík, and with its activities it wants to significantly enrich the cultural offer of the city of Litomyšl and the entire East Bohemian region. Since September 2011, the gallery has been regularly publishing catalogs for each realized exhibition, graphic editions are being created for selected exhibitions, and since September 2012 it has been regularly organizing the Litomyšl Symposium on its premises, which aims to support young artists.