DATE OF THE EXHIBITION: 15. 6. - 18. 8. 2013


The collective exhibition Zostra - Czech Photography today brought together several top expressions of mature personalities of the younger, middle, older and oldest generations of creators. Its aim was to present photography as a plastic medium, as one of the fundamental means of contemporary art. The exhibition brought distinct positions and showed the need for an original approach to photographic representation. The diversity of attitudes and concepts of photography thus circulated from Bresson's "decisive moment", through variously perceived aesthetics of beauty and content to conceptual work, ready-made applied and communal photography, and post-conceptualistic reflections on the medium itself. Today, there is no line between traditional photography and its use in the visual arts. The fundamental criterion remains convincing visuality, based on the concept of thought and artistic intuition, which expand our perception of the "visible" world and its clear and hidden meanings.