DATE OF THE EXHIBITION: 24. 3. – 27. 5. 2012


The spring exhibition in the Miroslav Kubík Gallery in Litomyšl presented a pair of artists who are connected with the advent of postmodernism in Bohemia in the 1980s. Today, Jiří David and Stanislav Diviš are among the most renowned domestic visual creators, they are the initiators and co-founders of the legendary group Tvrdohlaví, both of whom have had successful pedagogical work. The exhibition, called the Latin term… .probatum est (which means ... it is tried and tested), brought works by both artists from different time periods ranging from the 1980s to the present. The selective installation of paintings, drawings, photographs and objects responds to the specific space of the gallery and the interesting mutual interaction of the works of both artists. The exhibition will also examine in a way the extent to which both artists are the successors of the Czech post-war artistic tradition, codified by the famous generation of the 1960s, and the extent to which they go beyond it. In any case, an exciting postmodern spring awaits Litomyšl and its visitors, which will fascinate all art-loving generations. During the exhibition, one big neon surprise took place, which enriched the night appearance of Litomyšl Square in particular.