DATE OF THE EXHIBITION: 10. 4. - 27. 5. 2016


Lukáš Rittstein and his wife Barbora Šlapetová turned their trips to New Guinea into multicultural research, which has various forms and outputs: a "happening" with members of an indigenous tribe, a set of photographs or a series of sculptures. At the exhibition in Litomyšl, Lukáš Rittstein presents an installation that is inspired by the experience of intersection and tension between different cultures. He himself characterizes it as an "anthropological traveling monument". Cars transforming into natural forms form a kind of pandanum for a bus, the front of which comes a steel tube.

It is not only a lapidary and monumentally acting design, but also a work developing cultural metaphorical connotations. Inside the bus is a projection in which viewers can watch the communication between members of the indigenous "original" culture and technical civilization. However, the current intercultural theme of Lukáš Rittstein goes even further: it becomes a reflection on our civilization as a whole. He himself says of his "touring" bus: "Although the view from the seats is spectacular, the driving is hidden from the passengers. The meaning and purpose of our temporary trip to planet Earth is unknown. "

The work has so far been exhibited only in renowned galleries - on the roof of the DOX Prague Gallery and in the Neue Albertina Gallery in Dresden in confrontation with old antique collections.