DATE OF THE EXHIBITION: 14. 9. - 1. 12. 2013


The second year of the Litomyšl Symposium, connected with the exhibition in the Miroslav Kubík Gallery in Litomyšl, was called the Czech-Slovak Star. It was attended by Czech and Slovak artists of the youngest and younger middle generation. All of them already have a clear place in the context of Czech-Slovak art, they have appeared in a number of group and individual exhibitions and represent a very lively part of current art events. Some move exclusively in the field of painting, which is expressive, wild, clearly personal and, with all its spontaneity, also conceptually thought out. Such are Václav Girsa and Adam Štech, as well as both recent graduates of the Bratislava VŠVU and the upcoming Slovak painter Andrej Dúbravský and Katarína Janečková. The other three artists Marek Meduna, Luděk Rathouský and the Slovak artistic bulldozer Viktor Frešo combine a conceptual approach with painting in their work, each of which occupies a unique and unmissable position. The autumn exhibition in the Miroslav Kubík Gallery in Litomyšl from the works of all participating artists was surprising, open, spontaneous, clever, controversial in opinion and undoubtedly left a significant impression on the visitor.