Vladimír skrepl

*1955, Jihlava, Czech Republic


Skrepl's expressive painting has always deviated from the trends of the Czech scene. Her colorful vividness and a certain antisociality in the subjects create an inimitable tension. Its sophistication stems from Skrepl's theoretical background - he did not study painting, but its history. The well-known theory of the Czech philosopher Vilém Flusser about the terror of the unlikely, the zone of pure terror and the revelation of the sacred is suitable for the paintings of Vladimír Skrepl. Skrepl's painting is so far removed from what we are "aesthetically" used to that it causes shock. It will never get into the usual range, because the author will not let it fall there; there is always a new powerful bang with other images and the viewer is scared again. The horror is evoked not only by the wild way of painting (always surprising again and again), but also by the themes of the paintings: they reflect all the possible known traumas of man, which he experiences when he is aware of the horror of human destiny. Skrepl uses more pasty color, sweeping strokes and hectic color scales in his latest paintings. He is invited to prestigious international exhibitions. In 2007, he received the Award from Jiří Kovanda, which is awarded by young artists and theorists to their greatest role models.


  • Since 1994 Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, head of the painting studio II
  • 1981 - 1991 curator of the Gallery of the Capital City of Prague
  • 1976 - 1981 Department of Art History and Ethnography, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno, Art History


  • Winner of the Michal Ranný Award
  • 2007 Award from Jiří Kovanda


  • 2018 I turned my eyes to the pillar, Kaple Gallery, Valašské Meziříčí
  • 2016 Amor and Psycho, DSC Gallery, Prague
  • 2014 Vladimír Skrepl, Richard Adam Gallery, Brno
  • 2013 Pineapple and sweat camps, DSC Gallery, Prague
  • 2013 Vladimír Skrepl / Food supplement, NF Gallery, Ústí nad Labem
  • 2012 Vladimír Skrepl, Gallery 5th floor, Prague
  • 2010 Joy seduces - Die Freude verführt, Galerie Petra Vankova, Berlín
  • 2010 Vladimír Skrepl, Galerie ad astra, Kuřim
  • 2009 Vladimíre Skrepl, Gallery 5th floor, Prague
  • 2009 Exhibition of the winner of the Michal Ranný Award Vladimír Skrepl, as in a mirror, Moravian Gallery in Brno
  • 2008 Miss Kosmos B. Š., AP Studio, Prague
  • 2007 Cat gave birth to puppies, Gallery 35m2, Prague
  • 2006 Obrazy / Pictures, Vernon Fine Art International Gallery, Prague
  • 2005 A.M.180, Prague
  • 2003 Happy Holidays, Display, Prague
  • 2001 V. Špála Gallery, Prague
  • 1997 Miauuu ..., V. Špála Gallery, Prague
  • 1996 White Food, (with Jiří Kovanda), MXM Gallery, Prague
  • 1995 (with Jiří Kovanda), Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria
  • 1994 MXM Gallery, Prague


  • 2020 Retina. Painting possibilities, Humpolec
  • 2017 6th edition of the Czech-Italian symposium, Litomyšl
  • 2016 Pintura Negras, New Gallery, Prague
  • 2015 Skrepl Brocklehurst, New Gallery, Prague
  • 2014 White Darkness, ETC. Gallery, Prague
  • 2007 Prague Biennale 3
  • 2005 Traces of the match
  • 2004 Heaven is a cinema, man
  • 2000 Terry
  • 1999 Perplex
  • 1998 Reduced budget
  • 1997 There is no normal family
  • 1995 On the edge
  • 1994 Bačkovský, Balcar, Písařík, Skrepl
  • 1993 Zweiter Ausgang / Druhý východ
  • 1992 Between Aesop and Mowgli
  • 1991 Current 91
  • 1990 Contemporary Czech painting
  • 1989 Tschechische Malerei Heute / Czech painting today
  • 1988 Painting of the generation of the 80s