Ondřej Petrlík




About the ARtist:

Ondřej Petrlík (born 1989, Šternberk, Czech Republic) lives and works in Prague and Pardubice, Czech Republic. He graduated at the studio led by Vladimír Skrepl and Jiří Kovanda (The Academy of Fine Arts, Prague). Regarding his international studies, it is important to mention the internship with Hans Peter Adamski (Hochschule für bildende Künste, Dresden, Germany). 

In Petrlík‘s large scale canvases and also in his ceramic work we can find rich inspiration in the living nature. Simultaneously, his paintings tell stories of his lavish inner world filled with life experiences and fantasy bordering with surrealist abstraction. At the first sight, his work gives playful, almost childishly naïve impression for their pure look. However, once we step in it takes us to hidden dimensions full of lost symbols and memories. Gradually, a whole spectrum of hints and keys to understanding his lyrical expression emerge. In these terms it is possible to articulate the sensitive poetry describing the depth of the artist’s expression. Later, his work bestows a whole new insight into the landscape of multiple layers out of which, as if from a fog, emerges a world comprising of the wealth of traditions and culture as a touch of the Czech heritage of the past hundreds of years. The work of Ondřej Petrlík is very well received on the Czech (Praha, Brno, Litomyšl) as well as the international scene (Leipzig, Germany; Basel, Switzerland). 


  • 2009 - 2015 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague - V. Skrepl, J. Kovanda
  • 2012 Hochschule Für Bildende Kunste Dresden - H. P. Adamski


  • 2020 Vanitas, Ferdinand Baumann Gallery
  • 2019 Acqua Alta, Vnitroblock, Prague
  • 2018 Black Lion, Svit, Prague
  • 2017 Portraits, Ibis Gallery, Pardubice
  • 2017 The Enemy in the Apartment, Gallery 1st floor, Prague
  • 2016 Brigita Bardotova, One two three galleries, Prague
  • 2014 Me and you, 35M2, Prague
  • 2014 123, Leipzig House of Culture, Leipzig


  • 2019 Portraits, Moravian Gallery in Brnǒ
  • 2016 Czech - Austrian Stars, Miroslav Kubík Gallery, Litomyšl
  • 2016 Againts nature, National Gallery in Prague
  • 2015 Paintings, Suite, Prague
  • 2015 Graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts, National Gallery in Prague
  • 2014 Black horses, Adam Gallery, Brno
  • 2014 Atelier, Basel
  • 2013 6th Critics' Award for Young Painting, Gallery of Critics, Prague