*22. 11. 1959  V PRAZE



Ivana Lomová's paintings are seemingly descriptive - they capture urban spaces, landscapes outside the train window and, above all, the human situation. We see in them the mundane, even banal situations of people waiting at a bus stop, transferred to the area of ​​a café or a train compartment, immersed in dialogues or lonely contemplation, staring or sleeping. These are themes that the world of contemporary art does not consider to be very interesting and sexy, and which therefore require from the artist not only curiosity and empathy, but also a certain courage.

It is no coincidence that the author's scenery associates photographic moments.Their starting material is usually photography (a process that connects it with many of Europe's leading painters today) and is therefore inaccurately described as photorealistic.The scene captured by the camera or iPad is transformed into a reality of a different order in the time-consuming process of painting. The paintings are created slowly and themselves require a focused, patient look, which is not satisfied with slipping on the surface of a seemingly banal theme and only suddenly begins to perceive the atmosphere, feeling of mystery or subtle emotions with which the painter was able to permeate them. The everyday scene then begins to open up as a moment of unclear, perhaps even disturbing micro-story, into which we can empathize and whose outcome we can think. And, of course, we can also perceive its pedestrians, passengers and visitors as metaphors of temporary or long-lasting isolation and loneliness of today's man.

Text: Ladislav Kestner


  • 11978 - 1983 Czech Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Prague


  • 2010 Celeste Prize - finalist, International Contemporary Art Award
  • 2005 The Most Beautiful Czech Book of the Year, Ladislav Klíma, Věčná Nemesis, AulosArt publishing house
  • 2005 Colony, Avsenik, Slovenia
  • 1995 Graphics of the Year 1994, Central European Gallery and Publishing House Award


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