Antonín Střížek

*1959, Rumburk, Czech republic

About the artist:  

Known for his idyllic landscapes and still lifes, Antonín Střížek graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. For Střížek, having the right concept is key: it might last a lifetime, while being cultivated into new variations and every time arouse excitement with the audience. Already at the end of the eighties art critics described his way of expression as Orbis pictus and his work as a continuation of the humanistic tradition and reformation activities of Jan Amos Komenský. Starting with the big „primer“ including Střížek’s almost naivistic painting technique for banal objects, stories and places, the artist has gone a long way toward informed, sophisticated vision of the world. The artist displays landscapes, still lifes, cityscapes, animals as well as everyday objects as if we shall learn once more what they mean. Antonín Střížek’s work is likeable, yet he is not a fashionable produced of desired goods. 

His paintings are represented in every major collection in the Czech Republic. 


  • 1997-2002 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Head of Painting Studio III
  • 1983-1988 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague


  • 2009 Michal Ranný Award 
  • 2007 Award by Jiří Kovanda 

Solo Exhibitions (selection):

  • 2020 Antonín Střížek, Apparent Lightness, Miroslav Kubík Gallery, Litomyšl
  • 2020 Antonín Střížek, Petr Novotný Gallery, Prague
  • 2019 Antonín Střížek, Photography, Photographic Gallery Fiducia, Ostrava
  • 2018 Antonín Střížek and guest Milan Kunc, 8Gallery, Prague
  • 2017 Střížek from China 2005, Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery, Prague
  • 2016 Antonín Střížek, Paintings, Petr Novotný Gallery, Prague
  • 2012 Antonín Střížek, House of Arts, Bratislava
  • 2011 Antonín Střížek, Sokolská 26, Ostrava
  • 2011 Paintings, Ad astra, Kuřim
  • 2010 Old and new paintings, Vysočina Regional Gallery, Jihlava
  • 2010 Paintings, drawings, graphics, Art Gallery, Chrudim
  • 2010 Paintings and drawings, Topic 's salon, Prague
  • 2008 Paintings, Galerie ad astra, Kuřim
  • 2007 Paintings and drawings, Dům U Jonáše, Pardubice
  • 2007 Cinema, Art Gallery, Karlovy Vary
  • 2006 Drawings and paintings, Beseda Gallery, Ostrava
  • 2006 Municipal Theater, Kolín (Kolín nad Labem)
  • 2005 Antonín Střížek, Galerie ad astra, Kuřim
  • 2004 Střížek, Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery, Prague

Group Exhibitions (selection):

  • 2019 Hladce, Caesar Gallery, Olomouc
  • 2018 Lyrealism, Pštrosová Gallery, Prague
  • 2017 Kytky etc…, Gallery 1st Floor, Prague
  • 2011 Lone Rangers, Paintings of the Czech Postmodern, Gallery 1st Floor, Prague
  • 2011 Mutating Medium, Rudolfinum Gallery, Prague
  • 2005 "And what do you think?" (?) Gallery of the Capital City of Prague
  • 2004 Mánes Gallery, Prague
  • 2003 Tvrdohlaví Gallery, Prague
  • 2002 Typical painting, Mánes Gallery, Prague
  • 2001 Light of Birth, Museum of Art, Benešov
  • 2000 Melancholy, Moravian Gallery, Brno
  • 1999 Szene Prague, Hammer - Herzer Gallery, Weiden
  • 1998 The Silent Life of Things, House of Arts, Brno
  • 1997 A new spring, Galerie Wanda Reiff, Maastricht
  • 1997 Portofranco, Living Art Gallery, Milan
  • 1996 Richter's Villa, Prague
  • 1995 Figure, Patricia Buonanno contemporary art, Mezzolombardo, Italy
  • 1995 Kunsthaus - Reiner Opoku, Kolín
  • 1994 Realism, Hluboká Chateau
  • 1994 A occhi aperti, Galleria Alberto Weber, Torino
  • 1994 Punti di Vista, Patricia Buonanno art contemporanha, Mezzolombardo (Italy)
  • 1993 Europe without walls, City art gallery, Manchestr
  • 1993 Broken Mirror, Kunsthalle Wienna, Diechtorhalle Hamburg
  • 1992 Time and Tide, E.A.U. Co., Ltd. Tokyo


  • National Gallery in Prague
  • Central Bohemian Gallery in Prague
  • Gallery Benekdikta Reyta Louny
  • Gallery of Fine Arts Roudnice nad Labem
  • San Marino Modern National Gallery